Muscoreil’s Cancellation Policy

Order Cancellation Policy:

For orders placed within 7 days or less of pick up/delivery date, all sales are final. Orders may be cancelled if you do not need them or plans change, but NO refunds or store credit will be issued.

For orders placed outside 7 days prior to pick up/delivery date, we will retain a 50% deposit on the order, regardless of circumstance. Credit or refunds of any type will not be permitted on that portion of the order. Any refunds (after the 50% of the order total that has been retained) due in excess of $100.00 may be split into multiple refund payments at our discretion, with final refund amount given by 30 days from time of order cancellation.

In order to receive a partial refund or store credit (if applicable), orders MUST be cancelled prior to 7 days of the order pick up/ delivery date. Any orders cancelled within 7 days or less of the pick up/delivery date will be considered 100% non-refundable.