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Offered in our Gift Gallery
Chocolate Lovers
(Perfect For 2)
Includes ½ pound assorted Chocolates, ½ pound Sponge candy, 3 assorted gourmet Cocoas, 3 large Chocolate Chip Mega Cookies, ½ Pound chocolate butter star cookies, Chocolate mini bread, And ¼ pound chocolate Italian cookies “Tetu”.
Cookie Lovers Deluxe
(Perfect For 4-8)
Includes ½ butter Cutouts, ½ pound Anise cutouts, 1 pound assorted European cookies (16 Varieties), 1 Ea. Of our large Mega Oatmeal, Mega Peanut Butter, And Super Mega Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1 extra-large seasonal themed fancy cutout cookie, and 2 Assorted Gourmet Coffees.
Personally Yours
(Perfect For 1-2)
Includes ½ pound assorted European cookies, ¼ pound bag of Sponge candy, 4 Oz. homemade Chocolates, 2 hand decorated seasonal butter Cutouts and 2 Gourmet Cocoas.
Classic Basket
(Serves 2-4)
Includes ½ pound Sponge candy, One pound assorted European cookies, ½ pound home style cookies assortment, ½ pound butter Cutouts, 1 gourmet mini bread, and 2 gourmet coffees or 4 cocoas.
Basket Of Cheer
(Perfect For 4-6)
Includes 2 Gourmet Mini Breads, ½ pound twice baked Biscotti assorted, Half Pound Sponge Candy, One Pound Home Style Cookies, one pound European variety cookies, ½ pound assorted homemade chocolates and gourmet coffees or cocoas.
One Of Everything (Serves 1-10)
Includes ½ pound buttery Cutouts, ½ pound Anise Cutouts, ½ pound European cookies, ½ pound Assorted handmade chocolates, ½ pound Sponge candy, Chocolate covered pretzels, 2 Chocolate Chip Mega Cookies, 2 White Chocolate Mega cookies, 2 Mega peanut butter cookies, ½ pound assortment of our famous twice baked Biscotti, and Muscoreils gourmet Coffees Or Cocoas.
The Italian
(Serves 10-20)
Includes ¼ pound Cherrazzos, ¼ pound Lumia, ¼ pound Cuccidiatti, ¼ pound Chocolate Butter rosettes, ¼ pound Tetu, ¼ pound Ricotta, ¼ pound Mendola, ¼ pound almond, ¼ pound Kiffle, ¼ pound Butter Balls, ¼ pound Offelle Montovane, 1 pound assortment of our famous twice baked biscotti with gourmet coffees or cocoas.

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